When Mouse Clicks Mean Money – Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is getting popular in the UK. In this form of marketing on the Internet, one has to pay for the ad space or link only when the user clicks on the ads or link. In some cases the pay to the advertising or media agency is enforced only when the user has completed some transaction, which is a part of the PPC agreement. This could be a purchase, a download or a simple form filling exercise. This model can be simple or very complex. Pay per click is extensively used when one is looking to increase qualified traffic to ones website.

Getting the Clicks to work for you

Your web site marketing strategist or PPC consultant will normally advise you on using keywords within the content of your website. These are the words that you can use in the context of Search Engine Optimisation or Keyword auctions. A click that is paid for is thus a result of a search or a relevant keyword induced ad display. Such search engine advertising on web sites like Google and Yahoo, or link and banner exchanges increases qualified web site traffic.

Determining The Right Click

One must research the Internet and Search Engines to find out the most popular keywords that people use to find information about similar sites as yours. This exercise determines the keyword relevance. Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether the keywords are popular or obscure. What matters is the importance of the words in context of the business. If one doesn’t have any inkling to go about this process, there are many search engine optimization agencies or PPC consultants available in the UK. These PPC agencies will take over the entire responsibility of designing and optimizing the pay per click process. Their PPC campaigns will help in increasing the number of hits for keywords relating to the business. Speed AutoClicker

A word of Caution

There have been a number of Pay per clicks frauds where websites displaying PPC ads have used fraudulent clicks to bring in revenue to that website. Please talk with your Media buyer and ensure that your PPC ads are placed on genuine websites. Your PPC campaign manager should be able to guide and assure you about this exercise. Other than this, route your ads through Google or Yahoo since we believe that they do have adequate fraud prevention measures in place, and are also known to protect buyers in event of frauds.

The Click in the End

In many respects the PPC method gives the best Return on Investment to the website owner on many levels. Firstly when a PPC campaign is tied in with keyword auctions or keyword ad spends then a click through normally results in qualified traffic. Qualified Traffic is likely to result in higher conversion of visitors to site users (this means buying, downloading or any other action that qualifies as meeting the site goal.) Secondly the advertising pound is spent only when there is a discernable action, regardless of the ad exposure numbers. Good Luck!