OnePlus Nord 2


The new smartphone from Oppos, the OnePlus Nord, is another unique offering from this upstart mobile manufacturer. With a price tag that puts many smartphone rivals under the spotlight, it is easy to understand why the company is confident in its ability to compete with the top smartphone makers. The Oppos OnePlus series is backed by an industry leading support and service strategy that gives customers the opportunity to easily integrate their device into their existing life-style. However, the best feature that sets the series apart from others is that the manufacturer not only aims to create cutting edge smartphones that appeal to individual needs but also provide a level of customization that most other manufacturers have left behind. This has led to the success of the Oppos OnePlus series.

The OnePlus Nord 2 makes the bold claim that it is “everything you would ask for”. And this sizzling little smartphone certainly delivers. Like its predecessors, the oneplus 2 offers high-end features for a price that is genuinely affordable. For people who want to use a smartphone without having to spend a fortune on buying another handset, the OnePlus series offers a welcome alternative. As with any smartphone, the oneplus 2 can be loaded with applications and tools that can make your use of the device even more efficient. OnePlus Nord 2

One of the best characteristics of the handset is its multi-screen interface, which gives its users access to information at the center of the action through a swipe. The multi-screens allow you to browse multiple webpages at the same time without having to switch to another window. The high refresh rate also helps to minimize the occurrence of the screen freezing when in heavy traffic. The oneplus 2 comes with an efficient chipset, one that is paired up with the most powerful and efficient processors that support the rapid increase of the refresh rate.

As part of the enhanced user experience, the chipset comes with features such as proximity sensor, dual camera connectivity, and color display. The proximity sensor allows the smartphone to recognize the nearest component when it is placed near to the sensor. Dual camera connectivity lets you exchange photos using the two cameras simultaneously. And color display on the other hand, offers great viewing performance in bright outdoor conditions but with limited color choices.

Despite being a mid-ranger in the smartphone segment, the device does not neglect in terms of the camera performance. The OnePlus Nord 2 comes with an eight megapixel primary camera, complemented by a five megapixel front camera. This is quite decent when it comes to the standard of photographs taken by this smartphone. The rear camera setup is where the smartphone fails to live up to its potential. The main camera is just as efficient as the front camera but lacks sufficient resolution. The problem is that the lack of optical zoom feature means that you are forced to take the photos with your face visible if you want to get better details.

Overall, the phone does have high end hardware and packed with advanced applications. However, its biggest shortcoming is its lack of support for android lollipop, despite the fact that the operating system is almost the same on both the models. If you are looking for a powerful smartphone with an impressive array of features at a low price, the oneplus 2 is perfect for you.

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