Amazing Features Of The vivo V20


If you are looking to buy Online, O vivo V20 review can help you get more details about the smartphone. It has an all-metal body and is an amazing smartphone that can be perfect for someone who has a demanding work schedule. In this review, we will be looking at its features and other details.

o Gallery: If you want to check out the different pictures you take with the vivo v20, then you have an amazing handset. This handset has a huge 5.5-inch HD capacitive touchscreen with resistive touch screen. The device has a gorgeous six column capacitive Android navigation bar along with capacitive multi-touch keys for navigation functions and also for brightness and control. The Samsung menu is present on the top right corner of the screen. On the other hand, the rear of the handset has a headphone jack, volume button, and software menu. The front camera has an eight megapixel camera as well.

o Rear Camera: The rear camera on the vivo v20 has a relatively large lens with optical zoom and a colour laser auto focus. It also has an image stabilization system for preventing shake problems. It is one of the most impressive cameras present in this smartphone. The selfie feature is extremely impressive and helps you to capture your best moments without any difficulty. The front-facing camera can be used for video chatting purposes. vivo v20

o Dual Shot Camera: The dual camera setup in the vivo v20 is incredible. The front and back cameras are of high quality and ensure that you have an excellent picture taking experience. The dual shot mode also lets you shoot multiple pictures at different focal points of your choice. This enables you to get the best out of the camera. The aspect ratio of the camera is definitely an ideal one and ensures that you get a photo with the same width and height as the whole photo.

o Moonlight Sonata: The vivo V20 comes with a unique feature – the Moonlight Sonata. This allows you to enjoy the night view of your surroundings during the nights. The Midnight Jazz feature uses the built-in Ambience Engine to play music that will blend with the night’s atmosphere. You can enjoy the smoothness of your surroundings with the help of the Ambience Engine.

o Battery Life: You will get more than seventy hours of battery life on the vivo v20. With a fully charged battery, you can easily make it through a whole day with a single charge. If you use the phone regularly, then you need not worry about the battery life. Even with continuous usage, the battery life of the vivo v20 is remarkable. It enables you to make long calls without worrying about the battery life. You will never feel like using the phone again till the battery runs out of power.

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